A Milanese Atelier specializing in handmade decorative pillow founded in 2016 by interior designer Katrin Herden, who has been working with special fabrics in international design projects for over 30 years.

SOHIL means "Beautiful" and refers to "Canopus", the second brightest star in the sky.

SOHIL combines its passion for fine fabrics and a special sense of color and style with its passion for technology and aims to offer clients the greatest variety with bespoke quality and offers highly personalized service. All pillows are individually designed and packaged in Italy in limited editions with the utmost attention to style and detail.

SOHIL works with private clients, Interior Designer, and contract for Hospitality and Yachts.

“What makes a Sohil pillow so special can be seen in each piece. The refinement of fabrics, colors, and decorations, combined with exceptional attention to detail”

Katrin Herden is an interior designer with a passion for textiles and a remarkable sense of beauty, quality, and colors.

Born in Germany, she studied Design in the United States before coming to Milan in the early 1990s. Since then he has worked in the field of design collaborating with several designers before opening his MHZ studio together with architects Marzi and Zarinelli in 2011.

During her career, she has been involved in many international projects with very special clients who preferred uniqueness and bespoke. She realized that finding the right pillow for every room wasn't always easy and so she founded Sohil.